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Glashart Mobile API

Glashart Mobile API

Mobile acccess to settopboxes

The primary challenge of the Mobile API, which allows direct control of settopboxes through mobile devices, was twofold, First they are connected to a private network, not directly to the internet or the customers local network, and second they run a browser based middleware, which like any browser does not allow for push-based messaging.

Based on the XMLHttpRequest long polling technique, I created a messaging system using Erlang that enabled commands and information to be passed from the internet to over 60.000 settopboxes and back, while maintaining rapid response times.

A java based REST webservice provides the external API and combines various static data (such as program guides, channel logo’s and channel lists) with access to the erlang messaging system.

Languages: Erlang, Java and Javascript
My contribution: Design and implementation of the entire API/server systems.